Cultural Awareness Training/ Indigegogy

Counselling and Cultural Awareness Training

Learn the basis for building effective business relationships with First Nations peoples.

Cross-Cultural Training / First Nations History

Combining an Indigenous and non-Indigenous worldview, this training is Trish’s specialty.  Trish has many years of experience teaching the history of the First Nations peoples in Canada.  Businesses today reside on the traditional territories of Indigenous nations and it is imperative that companies are aware of this, so that these business relationships may begin to develop successfully.  If you’re reading this, you and your company are open to learning more about the Indigenous peoples in the areas where your business is conducted.   Building solid relationships are key to becoming a key player in truth and reconciliation.  As an experienced teacher, Trish will customize a training for you; either in person and through e-learning.

Being that Trish is anishnabe from the Saugeen Ojibway Nation, she carries knowledge of their history and cultural ways.  The Saugeen Ojibway Nation or S.O.N., are the traditional keepers of the area we call Grey, Bruce and Huron counties today.  The map below outlines our territories that exceed the county’s boundaries.

These cross-cultural workshops will assist your organization to obtain an informed and proactive perspective on First Nations in Canada.  This does not only benefit the services you provide but it will instill an awareness for management and frontline staff, to build and maintain relationships.  Trish provides a comfortable atmosphere for learning and asking questions.  Please feel free to ask!

SON Treaty Map
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